An OvyLusso floor is just the foundation, an elegant and durable base on which to build and furnish your space, which is why we’ve created partnerships with some of the best on the market.

Foundation for your dream

Allworks Stuc- en spuitwerken​

The environment of your dreams is full of objects and furniture that represent your taste, but before all this you have to build the base, floors, walls and ceilings that will contain all the inspiration you want to express, here is where the collaboration between OvyLusso and All Works becomes invincible, together we can decorate to perfection all the surfaces of the environment, from kitchen to bathroom, from ceilings to floors, all with the best resins and the best materials. Rely on our group to finally get the environment of your dreams.

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Latex spuiten

Beton Ciré


Stucco Mat

my house, how I want it

Interno 3

Sophisticated design, tradition and innovation come together in a single concept that characterizes the interno3 showroom. The care of sophisticated interiors, creation of refined environments, and continuous assistance to customers represent our priority.

Thanks also to the partnership of Made in Italy companies of international importance, such as Antonio Lupi, Ceramica Sant’Agostino and the surfaces made by OvyLusso, we create homes that reflect the needs and character of our customers. All this with a love and dedication to design and art.

Via Mario pagano 58
84135 Salerno

Tel. +39 089 984 9506

care of the resins

Cindy C. Smit

OvyLusso surfaces are very hard and durable. To keep them looking like brand-new and well maintained, we strongly advise specific cleaning and maintenance products to prevent the material will be affected by aggressive cleaning products. Therefor we have identified the eco-plus and material friendly products available at The CiCy Company as the best on the market to preserve your surfaces and material.

Our partner Cindy will be able to tell you which is the best solution to always see your resin surfaces as brand-new.

Cindy C. Smit
The CiCy Company
Albertje Onosplantsoen 26, 2135 TK Hoofddorp

T. +31 (0)6 1004 2393