We decided to focus on just two decorative effects, but to make them the best. For this we propose:



Natural elements that give life to natural effects

Lutum lives of combinations, shapes, colors and surfaces, it is from the elements of nature that are born the colors of the surfaces made with Lutum.

12 colors that are divided into 4 shades of gray, 4 brown and 4 beige in a system designed to cover both indoor and outdoor spaces.

The Lutum surface is opaque and has a slight relief to the touch that recalls an irregular plaster. Thin in thickness, it is ideal for vibrant wall and floor coverings.


Cel mai minimal efect

From the Latin HARENA, which literally means SAND. was created to give a unique feeling of continuity, it offers a glimpse of the dexterity of the craftsman who lays it, highlighting the spatulate given in the application phase, almost like an endless expanse of sand. An effect capable of highlighting the objects in your home.


When materiality takes over

The texture of the stones have inspired the name of this effect, in fact PIETRA, which in Latin is spelled LAPIS, represents a texture full of character that involves sight and touch, filling every room with its uniqueness. An ideal effect for those who are looking for a piece of furniture that involves all the senses.